Tony's Polka Band, Show Two


Tony’s Polka Band returns to the Let’s Polka stage for another half hour of fun and excitement. This seven piece band from near Albany, New York features accordion, electric guitar, saxophone and clarinet. Tony Banewicz has been performing polkas almost his entire life and he fills the program with plenty of verve, enthusiasm and good humor. Highlights include “No Beer In Heaven” and the rousing “Hupaj Siupaj Medley”. Hosted by Bill Flynn.


“We Are Tony’s Polka Band/Charz Tutaj”
“No Beer In Heaven”
“Tatus I Mamusia”
“Hupaj Siupaj Medley”
“Czyja ta Dziewczyna”
“Top of the World”
“Holiday in Poland”

LET’S POLKA FACT: Frank Yankovic was the first person to sell over a million copies of a polka single with his hit “Just Because”.