Attention WSKG-TV viewers in Cortland and Tompkins counties


(Vestal, NY) Spectrum Cable has informed WSKG-TV that it plans to drop the public media TV station from its cable lineup in Tompkins and Cortland counties in the coming weeks. An exact date has not been determined.

WSKG President and CEO Greg Catlin says “Spectrum Cable has the right to do this, but we think it’s wrong. Spectrum can continue to carry WSKG-TV in Tompkins and Cortland counties if it chooses, but has chosen not to. Spectrum calls it a business decision. We call it unfortunate.”

WSKG is a non-profit, educational organization and receives no money from Spectrum Cable or its parent company Charter Communications to air WSKG-TV programming. Our high-quality programming is provided to Spectrum and other cable companies for free. Catlin says “We have thousands of loyal members and viewers in these two counties who depend on WSKG’s TV services. They will be devastated and even angry at this decision by Spectrum.”

WSKG has a strong local presence in Ithaca and that will not change. WSKG has a strong radio presence in Ithaca with WSKG-FM, WSQX-FM, NPR, local news, a full time news reporter, a full time business sponsorship rep and a planned giving officer and that will not change. WSKG is engaged in a variety of Ithaca-based collaborations and that will not change.

WSKG values its relationship with Spectrum Cable, but disagrees with this decision to take WSKG-TV off the cable systems in Tompkins and Cortland counties made only by Spectrum Cable, not WSKG. Spectrum might change its mind if members and viewers tell Spectrum that they want WSKG programming.

Call Spectrum toll free, at 1-800- 892-4357 (one viewer reports “saying my choice was ‘Technical Support’ and then just repeating ‘Customer Rep’ finally got me to a human being and I was able to register my complaint to Spectrum”). Tell them you want WSKG-TV to remain on your cable lineup in Tompkins and Cortland counties. Tell them not only do you want WSKG to remain on cable, but you want WSKG in HD, too! Also, call your elected officials and tell them to get involved.

Greg Catlin
President & CEO, WSKG