Elmira Bike Share Helps Folks Get To Work


ELMIRA, NY (WSKG) — Elmira’s recent bike share program is helping folks who don’t have cars get to work.

The company LimeBike brought the bikes in this fall; residents use an app on their phone to pay per ride; and a couple of times a week, Lime Bike gathers up the bikes in a truck and puts them to spots people use a lot, so none end up stranded in a remote neighborhood. It’s a private business, so it doesn’t cost taxpayers anything.

Tina Hager is seeing the benefit. She’s a Chemung County transit specialist. Hager says, even as the program first started, they were averaging 40 rides a day.

“I think there’s a lot more bicycle use than what people think because people do use it as a means to get to and from work. So, if you don’t have the option of transit or an automobile, a bicycle is sometimes going to be a better option than walking.”

Hager is hopeful when it warms up, more people will use the bikes.