Technical Difficulties on WSKG TV



Our engineers replaced a piece of equipment (the “exciter” on our transmitter) Thursday, 5/5. We’re hoping this fixes the glitches. Are you still seeing them? Please let us know.

Freezes, Glitches, Drop Outs

It’s as frustrating for us as it is for you. Your’e watching a program on WSKG TV, and the screen freezes or goes blank. Nothing happens for several seconds. It’s been going on for many weeks.

“Is it my TV?” you may wonder.

This time, it’s probably not your TV. WSKG is experiencing a frustrating digital glitch that’s proving hard to track down. Our engineers are working with manufacturers, software providers, and other partners to isolate the piece of equipment that may be causing these random disruptions in TV video and audio. So far, we haven’t been able to eliminate the glitches.

We see them too, at home and here at the station. We’re working hard to fix them. We’re really grateful for your patience.

No WSKG TV at all?

If you’ve lost reception of WSKG altogether, and if you have Time Warner cable, it might be your TV reacting to a change Time Warner made in the way they deliver TV signals. it’s possible you may need to “re-scan” for cable channels on your TV. Please note this does NOT affect viewers who have set-top boxes, only viewers whose cable connection goes directly into their television. More information.