World channel returns to WSKG line-up


When WSKG replaced WORLD with PBS Kids, we received an unprecedented amount of feedback asking for the return of WORLD. We’re pleased to announce we have added back the World channel to our over-the-air broadcasts. We are working with cable companies to get World back on cable as well. The addition of this fourth channel carries a significant annual cost. If you value the programming on World, please consider making a special donation to support World on WSKG.

What is WORLD?

WORLD is a 24/7, full service channel featuring public television’s signature nonfiction documentary, science and news programming complemented by original content from emerging producers.

Where can I see WORLD now?

Binghamton, NY          Over the air on channel 46.4
Elmira, NY                   Over the air on channel 30.4
Cable channels: TBA

What are WSKG’s digital channels?

46.1, 30.1 – WSKG HD (our main station)

46.2, 30.2 – PBS Kids (children’s educational programming from PBS)

46.3, 30.3 – Create (cooking, travel, home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, more)

46.4, 30.4 – World (documentaries, science and news) (not yet on cable as of this writing)

What are the cable channel numbers?

See the guide here.


12 thoughts on “World channel returns to WSKG line-up

  1. Thank you for listening! I really appreciate your willingness to accommodate those of us who miss World (and the PBS News Hour 10 pm re-run!), and It will be great to have their news and event programming back on Saturday evenings (sorry, I’m not a polka or Welk fan :D).

  2. Glad to know us folks who were disappointed to lose WORLD were heard! Thank you for accomodating access to this valuable news and info programming. Will keep this in mind at donation time – thanks!

  3. For several years now, I have divided my membership support between WNED (for the TV programming I watch here in Toronto) and WSKG, for your superior NPR programming, that I can now listen to through the wonders of internet radio. Unfortunately, my local television outlet seems recently given over to mainly travel shows, cooking shows and childrens’ cartoons. This is unacceptable particularly in this time when we need serious, analytical adult programming more than ever. I have been very encouraged that WSKG has responded to viewers and restored such programming in your area. I am going to send in an additional donation even though I cannot receive your live programming here in Toronto. At least it will help keep good programming alive. Keep up the good work and thank you for listening to your members.

  4. oops! Damn! first ti happy mer here. I’m WORLD is back, but don’t think i can get 46-4. I don’t understand children’s educational tv late at night! Why can’t the educational tv move to 46-4 and bring WORLD back to it’s original channel? Sour Grapes!

  5. Thank you. I haven’t seen it on cable yet which is why I am surprised that this announcement was made 20 days ago.
    On the downside, is this why the picture has been freezing more frequently on the main channel or is it sunspot season already?
    (I recall you stating that adding a third subcarrier like WBNG just did would cause a downgrade in quality. Even if it is a downgrade, 95% of World (and the Main channel) is better than 0% of World.)
    Now where are those rabbit ears??
    Please watch Washington Week and Global News. It is a shame that we lost Religion & Ethics News Weekly (and McLaughlin) but there is still tons of commercial free information that needs to be seen.

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