World channel returns to WSKG line-up


When WSKG replaced WORLD with PBS Kids, we received an unprecedented amount of feedback asking for the return of WORLD. We’re pleased to announce we have added back the World channel to our over-the-air broadcasts. We are working with cable companies to get World back on cable as well. The addition of this fourth channel carries a significant annual cost. If you value the programming on World, please consider making a special donation to support World on WSKG.

What is WORLD?

WORLD is a 24/7, full service channel featuring public television’s signature nonfiction documentary, science and news programming complemented by original content from emerging producers.

Where can I see WORLD now?

Binghamton, NY          Over the air on channel 46.4
Elmira, NY                   Over the air on channel 30.4
Cable channels: TBA

What are WSKG’s digital channels?

46.1, 30.1 – WSKG HD (our main station)

46.2, 30.2 – PBS Kids (children’s educational programming from PBS)

46.3, 30.3 – Create (cooking, travel, home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, more)

46.4, 30.4 – World (documentaries, science and news) (not yet on cable as of this writing)

What are the cable channel numbers?

See the guide here.