WSKG Toasts the Last Broadcast of Car Talk


Come raise a glass as WSKG toasts Car Talk’s last on-air broadcast, Sunday, October 1. After which time, WSKG will be airing Weekend Fresh Air and The Folk Sampler during Car Talk’s Saturday and Sunday time slot.

So, we ask that you join the WSKG staff at any of these three locations and enjoy  $1 off beers between 1 and 2pm while the episode is airs. Listen, reminisce, and be merry.

Cooperstown Brewing Company
110 River St
Milford, NY 13807

Myer Farm Distillers
7350 State Route 89
Ovid, NY 14521

Farmhouse Brewery
14 George St
Owego, NY 13827

Leave us a message and have a chance to hear your voice on the air.
We’d love to hear some of your favorite memories of Car Talk. How did you get hooked on the show, did you ever call in about a problem? Share your Car Talk story with WSKG.

Call in at 607.729.0100 x345 or record your story on your phone and send it to

A Letter from Ray Magliozzi to the fans of Car Talk.

4 thoughts on “WSKG Toasts the Last Broadcast of Car Talk

    • Hi Betsy, I’ll be driving out to Owego. I believe development folks (Michael, Shannon, etc) will be at the other events. I’ll update as I learn more. –Greg

    • Dear Mr. McLain, we did consider that, but decided to use our limited resources reaching out to other towns this time. I hope you can join us at one of the events. I’ll be driving out to the Farmhouse Brewery in Owego to share the final moments with some WSKG listeners. –Greg Keeler, WSKG

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