Watch Two New Episodes of Late Fringe!


WSKG Arts weekly tour through the minds of New York State’s best and brightest filmmakers continues with these two episodes of Late Fringe.

The first episode looks at the political films of Akram Shibly. Akram was able to spend time in a Syrian refugee camp and the images and words he was able to capture are truly remarkable. These are showcased in “Waiting at the Door” and the interviews that Akram holds with the children of the camp are eye opening. We also showcase “Heal the World”, which again looks at war through the eyes of innocent children. In between, Akram is interviewed by WSKG’s Phil Westcott and he talks about filming in the refugee camp and how movies can impact social change.

Our second episode dials up the fun including a zany offering from the Binghamton Film Initiative that puts a twist on the classic ‘murder witness’ scenario. What would happen if a mime witnesses a mob hit?

We also see “Stealing With Friends”, which was the winner of the Best Comedy category of the 2015 Rod Serling Film Festival. Talented young filmmaker Zxavier Villie certainly kept himself busy during this production!