Wendy Lights It Up in All-New 'Bob the Builder' Episode


It’s an all-new season of Bob the Builder every Saturday morning at 7:00am on WSKG Create. And don’t forget to share photos or feedback of your students/kids withWSKG using hashtag #WSKGBuddingBuilders! Check out the episode description below for what’s in store this weekend!

Wendy’s Surprise
It’s Wendy’s birthday! Bob has planned a surprise party at the yard, but Wendy keeps adding lights to the Spring City Rockets’ ice-skating show and won’t leave until she is finished. Trying to get Wendy to leave, Lofty accidentally ruins the light display. Bob quickly comes up with a new plan and brings the party to Wendy!

Learning Goals
To observe the function and use of different types of tools and building equipment.
To learn the value of doing one thing at a time.
To learn about persistence.
To understand the importance of being a good friend.

Ice Cold Fixham
The centerpiece of Mayor Madison’s arctic-themed charity event to raise money for polar bears is an ice sculpture of a polar bear carved by Wendy. Scoop is horrified to discover that it will melt away by the end of the evening. He takes it away to find a cold place where it won’t melt, but by the time Bob and Wendy find him, it’s too late—the bear has turned into a puddle of water! Bob comforts Scoop while Wendy makes a brand new sculpture. This time she carves a splendid ice sculpture of Mayor Madison herself.

Learning Goals
To understand properties of ice and water (ice melts in warm environments).
To learn about animal habitats.
To appreciate the value of teamwork.