What Every Landlord And Tenant Should Know About New York’s Rent Laws


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Landlords and tenants are dealing with the ripple effects of New York state’s updated rent laws.

But for Acuff and other advocates for housing rights, the new laws are not enough.

“You know there’s no one law or one thing that’s going to achieve total stability or housing as a human right so we need this and many other tenant protections,” said Acuff.

The revised rent laws will allow some cities and towns to create their own rent guidelines board and laws. Acuff is pushing for both.

Whether Rochester qualifies to make its own rent laws is in dispute. According to the latest census data said the city’s vacancy rate sits at 7.6%, but Acuff thinks it’s actually below the 5 percent threshold which would give Rochester the option to create its own rent laws.