What if Ken Burns had directed 'Star Wars'?


Have you ever wondered how Ken Burns might have told the story of Star Wars? Well thanks to Alyssa Rosenberg, a writer for The Washington Post, you don’t have to wonder any longer. To celebrate the release of  The Force Awakens and her love of Ken Burns documentaries, Rosenberg imagined how the pioneering documentarian might have told the story of the Galactic Civil War in a four minute video parody.

It has all the hallmarks of a Ken Burns’ documentary. A calm narration, slow pans across still photographs, talking heads, and a letter home from a soldier who did not survive the conflict. It’s even set to the haunting “Ashokan Farewell,” which served as the unofficial theme song for Ken Burns’ seminal documentary The Civil War. It’s a fun mashup, we only wish we had thought of it first.


Photo Credit: The Washington Post