What is American Graduate?


The WSKG American Graduate Project, funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is an initiative to raise awareness about the dropout crisis in our community by engaging a wide range of stakeholders in a dialogue and by mobilizing the community through a multimedia campaign to share resources, best practices, and stories of challenge and success.

When students are asked if they will graduate from high school, about nine in 10 will answer ‘yes.’ However, statistics show about only seven in 10 students actually finish high school, and that statistic drops further for minority students and English Language Learners. Students have the will to graduate, but they do not always have the necessary support or resources.

American Graduate

How can I talk about dropout issues in my classroom?

ARE YOU IN? – WSKG created framework
American Graduate Classroom Resources Page


Where can I learn more?

To learn more about this national initiative and WSKG’s regional efforts, follow WSKG American Graduate on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (#UpstateGrad).  Check out WSKG Youth Voice project’s Tumblr site as student reporters also investigate dropout prevention issues.

Connect to the national American Graduate Initiative.

Visit the WSKG YouthVoice Tumblr page to see what local teens have to say about the dropout crisis in our schools.