Will Paris Talks Lead to a Better, Binding Climate Agreement?


Streams and rivers that form on top of the Greenland ice sheet during spring and summer are the main agent transporting melt runoff from the ice sheet to the ocean. Photo taken July 19, 2015.
Credit: NASA/Goddard/Maria-José Viñas

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The 21st United Nations Climate Conference started this week in Paris with nearly 200 countries working to create a global agreement on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Journalist Lisa Friedman, from E&E’s ClimateWire, and Steven Cohen, the executive director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, discuss how the challenge of balancing economic growth and climate goals for India and developing nations will affect negotiations, and what role technology plays in reducing emissions.


Segment Guests
Lisa Friedman deputy editor of E&E’s ClimateWire and is based in Washington, D.C.

Steven Cohen is the executive director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute in New York, New York.