Winners Announced for 'PBS KIDS Writers' & 'WSKG Youth Writers' Contests


Thank you to the 203 students that shared their stories & illustrations with WSKG this year!  Our judging committee reviewed the entries and have selected the following winning stories.  Be sure to visit this webpage often as the stories will be uploaded for viewers to read!

All children who entered the contests will receive their original story back through the mail.


1st Place | Grayden Everson | Spoon and Knife Adventure
2nd Place | Frances Miller | The Adventure Girl
3rd Place | Brooke Casey | Flutter and the Bumble Bee
Honorable Mention | Azreal Brown | The Two Bunnies

First Grade
1st Place | Heyan Chung | Robot Jobs
2nd Place | Hudson Scaglione | My Friend the Big Whale
3rd Place | Seema Patel | Trouble in Candy Land
Honorable Mention | Lydia Thompson | Our Cute and Funny Guinea Pigs!

Second Grade
1st Place | Caylee Himan | Gem Girl Likes Her Hot Dogs with Ketchup
2nd Place | Kasey Brower | When My Nanna Got a New Dog
3rd Place | Sidra El Ghissassi | The Girl Who Wanted to Go Away
Honorable Mention | Isabelle Burroughs | Clowny’s Trouble at the Shark’s Sea Cave

Third Grade
1st Place | Inaaya Sethi | The Team Animal Ninja Competition
2nd Place | Anne Rogers | The New Crayon
3rd Place | Rylan Everson | Surviving in a Magical Forest


WSKG_YWCFourth Grade
1st Place | Keyahn Sethi | The Adventures of Clean Guy and Trash
2nd Place | Kailey Lebrecque | Start to Flower
3rd Place | Laura Klotzin | The New Student
Honorable Mention | Ian Chung | The Fate of the Universe

Fifth Grade
1st Place | Juliana Grantz | The Island on Blue Mountain Lake
2nd Place | Ryan Forbidussi | The Plunge
3rd Place | Alexis VanTassel | Umbrella

Sixth Grade
1st Place | Logan Everson | Faerie Realm
2nd Place | Katiana Dallard | Excerpt From “Lost in the Woods” Or Am I?
3rd Place | Ritaj ElGhissassi | The iGeneration
Honorable Mention | Jenny Kwon | Piano Baby

Special thanks to the Four County Library System, George F. Johnson Public Library, MaryAnn Karre, Doug Laura, Lonna Pierce, Sarah Reid, Sara-Jo Sites, Sandy Stiles.  

Thank you to our 2016 project sponsors: