Women’s Movement: Classroom Materials


Unladylike2020 honors the centennial of women’s suffrage. These digital resources present the rich history of 26 little-known Progressive Era women, diverse in profession, race, ethnicity, geographical and class backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender expression, who broke barriers in then-male-dominated fields such as science, business, journalism, exploration, and the arts.

Touching on topics such as the labor movement, immigration, politics, civil rights, and women’s suffrage, these resources develop students’ historical thinking skills and help them make connections between past and present.

Unstoppable: The Road to Women’s Rights brings the history of the women’s suffrage movement and its impact on resulting legislation to the classroom. This live interactive program is intended for students in grades 5 – 8.

Upstate, Downstate: The Women’s Movement is part of an original web series that teaches students about the history, geography and government of New York State. Aligned to the New York State Social Studies Framework for Grade 4, this episode explores the history of the women’s movement of the 1800s, it’s connection to abolitionism, and how struggles for women’s rights continue to this day. Don’t forget to check out the Support Materials tab underneath the video for discussion questions, student handouts, and more.