Write-In Candidate Wins Seat On Ithaca School Board


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Erin Croyle, a write-in candidate, defeated Bradley Grainger to become the newest member of the Ithaca City School District school board. 

Photo Courtesy of Erin Croyle (facebook)

Photo Courtesy of Erin Croyle (Facebook)

Croyle got into the race out of concerns for several issues she heard from teachers and parents. She’s especially concerned about parents who want to speak to the board directly but can’t attend meetings.

“There are families that cannot go. They have two jobs, they’re single parents, they don’t have a car,” Croyle said. “And you know, you’ll hear from school board members saying, ‘Well, you can always come to a meeting.’ No. You can’t always come to a meeting.”

Croyle is the parent of a child with special needs. She said class size is an issue for all children, but especially for some children with special needs.

“A lot of parents reached out to me to say that there needs to be sensory rooms in the schools because children just need a break, they’re overwhelmed, they need a safe place to go and just release,” Croyle said.

Croyle defeated 12-year incumbent Bradley Grainger to win her seat on the board.