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'Commercial free, subscription free, fee free' programs on ALEXA and GOOGLE smart speakers

VESTAL, NY (WSKG) - Online radio offers listeners limitless choices, but it can be a difficult path to navigate.   So much of it depends on the maker of your smart phone and your smart speaker.  Another variable is your online subscriptions.  And there can be huge differences between apps meant to perform the same functions.

So, WSKG Radio has created a convenient starting point for folks seeking their favorite public radio programs.  By the way, these programs are free of subscriptions, fees and commercials.

All our digital content can be found at YourPublicRadio.ORG.  Go there and with a click or two, you can access podcasts created by the WSKG newsroom.  Among the podcasts are current newscasts, in-depth stories, and arts interviews.

WSKG's music programs are also podcasts.  At YourPublicRadio.ORG, you'll find the latest episodes of Off The Page, Free Range Folk, The Hour of Now, By Special Invitation and Soundscape.

Our newest digital features are music streams from the WSKG Music Library.  While we plan to expand the list, currently you can find Holiday A2Z, Nocturne A2ZBach-analia A2Z, Pops A2Z, Concerts A2Z, Beethoven A2Z, Choral A2Z and New World A2Z.  Plus, there are our WSKG radio and WSKG Classical streams. Our latest additions are Your Classical A2Z ands New Standards from WNYC.

From YourPublicRadio.ORG, you can explore our program offerings on other platforms, such as the WSKG app, the NPR ONE app, TuneIn,iHeart, the WSKG ALEXA skill, and other smart speakers. They include the smart speakers now built into the dashboards of new cars.

To activate the WSKG music skills, go to your ALEXA app and search for WSKG.  Click on each A2Z skill and click "LAUNCH."  Then ask ALEXA to "open" that stream. To donate, say "Alexa, I want to make a donation to WSKG."

You can also hear WSKG's podcasts and radio streams on your GOOGLE Nest. For example, you can also say:

"Hey Google, ask WSKG Radio to listen live" and you’ll hear WSKG Radio."

"Ask WSKG Radio to play WSKG Classical"

"Ask WSKG Radio to play Beethoven A to Z"

"Ask WSKG Radio to play Holiday A to Z"

"Ask WSKG Radio to play Concerts A to Z"

"Ask WSKG Radio to play Free Range Folk."

You can also "Ask WSKG Radio to browse programs." For a comprehensive list, you can also visit us at YourPublicRadio.org

WSKG Radio....we are where you want to be.

Digital, online radio can indeed be complicated, but it also allows you to become your own curator and can help you find kinds of public radio you desire. YourPublicRadio is meant to make that path just a bit smoother.