Young Authors Honored for Work


Thank you to the students that shared their stories & illustrations with WSKG this year.  Our judging committee reviewed the entries and have selected the following winning stories.

All children who entered the contests will receive their original story back through the mail.


1st Place | Mason McCarthy | My Dog
2nd Place | Nico Romo | The Brave and Dangerous Lion
3rd Place | Felicity Clarke | My Trip to NYC

First Grade
1st Place | Maya Stankevich | Sophie
2nd Place | Alice Svinolobova | The Flower and the Raindrop
3rd Place | Frances Miller | My Trip to New York City

Second Grade
1st Place | Hudson Scaglione | The Beautiful Great Barrier Reef
2nd Place | Kyleigh Weiland | Adventures of the Treasure Coast
3rd Place | Stella Guccia | The Star Who Didn’t Want to Be in the Sky
Honorable Mention | Heyan Chung | The Last Salute

Third Grade
1st Place | Sidra El Ghissassi | The Field Trip
2nd Place | Nehemiah Jahn | Traveling Days
3rd Place | Clara Paasch | By the Light of the Moon


WSKG_YWCFourth Grade
1st Place | Inaaya Sethi | Save PBS: Monsters to the Rescue
2nd Place | Gwen Zimmerman | Fullout
3rd Place | Anthony Mazzatti | Excerpt From: Barry Sneers New Kid
Honorable Mention | Rui Jiang | Basketball Fears

Fifth Grade
1st Place | Laura Klotzkin | The Puzzle of Life
2nd Place | Keyahn Sethi | Immigrants: Making America Great Again
3rd Place | Ian Chung | World War Two
Honorable Mention | Riley Dollard | The Enchanted Soul

Sixth Grade
1st Place | Neema Baddam | I’m Still Here
2nd Place | Asiya Patel | Who’s Done it This Time?

Special thanks to the Four County Library System, George F. Johnson Public Library, MaryAnn Karre, Lonna Pierce, Sarah Reid, Sara-Jo Sites, Sandy Stiles.